Prosperity Challenge Randomizer

Per the Prosperity Challenge rules, this randomizer generates between 2-6 families with 1-6 members. It then sorts the results from oldest to youngest, because I prefer order even in randomness. A 'safe' version of the randomizer, which will automatically re-roll any family that has a child or toddler as the oldest member, can be found here.

age gender Sign Aspiration1 Aspiration2 Turn ons Turn off skintone hair eyes fitness
Family 1
adult M Libra Knowledge Grilled Cheese Charismatic Creative Formal Wear medium dark black brown fat
teen F Libra Pleasure Family Stink Fatness Black Hair light red brown normal
child F Sagittarius Pleasure Grilled Cheese Jewelry Full Face Makeup Lycanthropy medium light brown light blue fat
child F Virgo Family Popularity Logical Cologne Jewelry dark red green fat
child M Aries Pleasure Popularity Swim Wear Jewelry Hard Worker medium dark brown light blue normal
toddler F Taurus Pleasure Family Red Hair Creative Swim Wear medium light red green normal
Family 2
adult M Leo Knowledge Grilled Cheese Custom Hair Black Hair Fatness light black dark blue normal
teen F Scorpio Knowledge Family Great Cook Glasses Formal Wear medium light black light blue normal
Family 3
elder F Scorpio Fortune Popularity Logical Stink Good Cleaning medium light red light blue normal
teen F Virgo Romance Grilled Cheese Witchiness Grey Hair Robots medium light brown dark blue normal
child M Aries Fortune Grilled Cheese Underwear Formal Wear Robots medium light brown green normal
Family 4
elder F Libra Popularity Pleasure Zombies Logical Cologne medium dark red dark blue fat
child F Cancer Fortune Romance Hard Worker Black Hair Vampirism medium dark blond grey fat