Prosperity Challenge Randomizer: Safe Version

What's safe about it? This version of the randomizer automatically re-rolls any family with a child or toddler as the eldest family member. The risky version can be found here.

age gender Sign Aspiration1 Aspiration2 Turn ons Turn off skintone hair eyes fitness
Family 1
elder M Scorpio Family Romance Cologne Vampirism Blonde Hair medium light black light blue fat
adult F Sagittarius Popularity Family Unemployed Makeup Swim Wear light black light blue normal
child M Sagittarius Fortune Grilled Cheese Hats Makeup Creative medium dark red dark blue normal
Family 2
elder F Cancer Pleasure Popularity Creative Fatness Stink light blond brown normal
adult F Gemini Family Grilled Cheese Custom Hair Full Face Makeup Plantsimism medium light brown green fat
adult M Aquarius Pleasure Fortune Creative Good Cleaning Swim Wear dark black dark blue normal
teen F Scorpio Knowledge Romance Vampirism Full Face Makeup Zombies light brown dark blue normal
toddler M Libra Pleasure Popularity Underwear Good Cleaning Charismatic medium dark blond light blue fat
Family 3
elder M Aries Romance Fortune Robots Underwear Formal Wear medium dark black grey normal
adult M Aries Romance Family Unemployed Red Hair Black Hair light brown light blue normal
adult M Gemini Family Romance Red Hair Full Face Makeup Logical medium light red brown normal
teen M Libra Family Knowledge Athletic Vampirism Fitness light brown grey fat
teen M Scorpio Romance Grilled Cheese Stink Fatness Hats medium dark red grey fat
toddler M Capricorn Popularity Pleasure Athletic Cologne Black Hair medium dark brown light blue fat
Family 4
adult F Virgo Knowledge Family Stink Makeup Formal Wear dark brown light blue normal
Family 5
elder F Capricorn Family Popularity Glasses Blonde Hair Brown Hair light blond dark blue normal
Family 6
teen F Gemini Pleasure Popularity Lycanthropy Glasses Formal Wear medium light red light blue normal
teen F Libra Fortune Family Mechanical Robots Unemployed light red grey fat
child F Cancer Knowledge Family Hard Worker Underwear Makeup medium light blond light blue fat
child M Pisces Fortune Family Plantsimism Jewelry Cologne dark blond light blue fat